Why I Love: The insights of Clairvoyance in Psychonauts

Throughout the course of Psychonauts, most of the psychic powers wielded by our hero Raz serve a clear, practical, video-game-y purpose. Levitation lets him cruise around levels and slow his descent during jumps, Pyrokinesis sets pesky enemies on fire, Shield creates a mentally projected barrier to protect him from harm, and so on. All of […]

New Year”s Eve movies

You could go out and party, or you could watch one of these Looking forward to the New Years Eve festivities? Or kind of dreading the enforced fun, feeling under pressure to find someone to kiss, and resenting the inevitable hangover already? Whatever your attitude to the date, theres a film moment to match. The […]

Let”s skip right to GOTY 2016

So long, 2016 As we enter the year of our lord Star Wars: Episode 8, were in prime position to look back on the greatest games of the last 12 months. 2016, youve done well: whether it was open-world, action-packed or extravagantly remade, youve delivered a varied and memorable batch of truly modern video games. […]

GR+ Live: Watch us conquer the Wii U”s most unlikely exclusive

Devil”s Third shouldn”t exist. Six years in development, bounced between three publishers, and shifting between four different engines in the process, the first game from notorious developer Tomonobu Itagaki since Ninja Gaiden 2 finally came to Nintendo Wii U this past week. Was it worth the wait? That”s a complicated question. Depends on how much […]

This War of Mine puts The Little Ones in harm”s way

This War of Mine, a survival strategy game released in 2014, paints a sobering picture of life in the shadow of war. Now developer 11 Bit Studios is adding children to this already harrowing circumstance in the upcoming expansion, The Little Ones. I caught up with senior writer Pawel Miechowski to discuss how the team […]