The 50 greatest Star Wars scenes

The best scenes in the best film series? In case you”ve somehow missed it, there”s a new Star Wars movie in the cinemas at the moment. So in celebration of the big daddy of all sci-fi movie franchises, we”ve compiled this list of its 50 greatest moments. When putting this together we decided to leave […]

Ridley Scott confirms every version of the xenomorph will appear in Alien: Covenant

Prometheus ditched the acid-blooded xenomorphs in favor of its own Engineer/Black Goo hybrid called the Deacon. Fans of the franchise eager to see that terrifying original design, rest easy. The classic creatures of Alien will be back in the Prometheus sequel entitled Alien: Covenant. And we”re not talking another cameo snuck in at the end, […]

Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, December 11-13. Monte Carlo!

Xur, Destiny”s weekend merchant, miniature horse-breeder, and friend of the oppressed, has returned. This week he’s over near the Crucible vendors in the Tower. What’s he selling this week? A mixed bag, with some decent stuff and some undeniable highs, albeit via gear you”ll have to be smart to get the absolute best out of: […]

Why I Love: Assassin”s Creed Syndicate”s mystery portal

WARNING: Spoilers for Assassin”s Creed Syndicate throughout. Also Unity. Really, Assassin”s Creed 3 onward. Search hard enough in Assassin”s Creed Syndicate (or just track down the right menu marker), and you”ll be launched, hood over heels, through a virtual reality portal that drops you in a completely different time in London”s history. It”s nearly identical […]

This Battlefront ewok kill might not be real, but the game”s designer approves

Star Wars Battlefront is packed with easter eggs and references to the original trilogy, but none so irksome as the walking teddy bears known as ewoks. Players have tried all sorts of methods to exterminate these little furballs, with no success. But just because something”s impossible doesn”t mean it can”t happen, right? Looking at this […]

Go ape for The Legend Of Tarzan teaser trailer

If you like your movie heroes buff, shirtless and wearing only a loincloth then look no further: the first trailer for The Legend of Tarzan is here. The film hails from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows helmer David Yates whose adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs” story appears laced with a darker tone than Tarzan”s […]