Doctor Who “The Husbands Of River Song” review

Feel the whiplash. It’s less than three weeks since series nine of Doctor Who climaxed in bold, brilliant, bruising style with the two-punch of “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”. The BBC’s decision to delay this year’s run of episodes means we’ve barely had a chance to breathe after our journey into the darkest corners of […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas, ranked

It”s the best/worst Christmas ever! Now they”ve gone and done it. Your True Love has just monopolized nearly two weeks of your free time this holiday season, because they thought it”d be cute to turn The Twelve Days of Christmas from a timeless carol into an opulent realty. They”ve clearly had this planned for months, […]

Gaming”s bleakest Christmases

“Tis the season We cant all be blissfully happy in the holiday season. Just looking at things statistically, it doesnt work out. It turns out that thats much the same for our games, some of which Ive noticed have a particularly dim view of the end of the year. From the games that play with […]

Katherine Waterston to wage war against the xenomorphs in Alien: Covenant

Let”s face it, Noomi Rapace had a tough time taking over the ass-kicking mantle from Sigourney Weaver. Thankfully she had the “Prometheus isn”t really an Alien prequel” argument to shield her from further comparisons, which can”t be said for whoever leads the next installment. Alien: Covenant is being touted as return to the franchise proper, […]

Lex Luthor hints at A.R.G.U.S. involvement in Batman v Superman

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman may be the only ones who were recently granted character posters, but that doesn”t mean Lex Luthor hasn”t been a big part of the marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Jesse Eisenberg”s character has been the focus of a viral campaign which has already seen him “profiled” by […]

Departure Lounge: Bringing back blue skies in Dariusburst Chronicles Savior

It”s time for some old-fashioned blue skies, interplanetary backdrops and an unstoppable horde of things from outer space coming to kill you. The GR+ crew is giving the PS4 version of Dariusburst Chronicles Savior a shot on today”s episode of Departure Lounge – and we”re quadrupling the number of on-screen bullets by doing it with […]

Exclusive: JJ Abrams talks the future of Star Wars and the new Star Trek trailer

You’ve probably already heard about this, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now actually out, in actual cinemas. Directed by JJ Abrams, it’s the seventh Episode in the space franchise that has proven itself surprisingly popular over the last 40 or so years. We’re kidding. Of course you already know about the new film, […]

Just Cause 3 patch will let you spend less time loading, more time exploding

Just Cause 3 has some performance and loading issues across all platforms, which really interferes with its spontaneous chaos vibe. But your wingsuit buzz should be un-harshened by “significantly improved loading times” after installing Just Cause 3″s first big update, according to the game”s official blog. Just Cause 3 Patch 1.02 hit PS4 in Europe […]