How to survive Christmas

Christmas nightmares Ah, Christmas. The most wonderful time of year, right? Wrong. If the movies have taught us anything, it”s that the festive period can see danger lurking around every corner. But fear not. From the perils of Christmas shopping to, erm, terrorist situations, we”ve come up with 15 lessons that Hollywood has taught us […]

GR+ Live: Help us get Caged in Beyond Two Souls PS4

Emotions! Where do they come from? Faces apparently. At least according to David Cage. Indeed, until computers can render each boil, blackhead, and nose hair, France”s premiere director of games with questionable endings will never be satisfied with the emotional reach of technology. Come! Let us learn how to feel together by diving into Beyond: […]

Batman v Superman v Joker: Choose a side in DC Comics” winter wear stand-off

DC Comics” leading heroes are having a bit of a spat, which puts many of us in the awkward position of choosing sides between two friends. At least DC Entertainment”s themed pom beanies make facing this uncomfortable decision practical; Will your winter wardrobe play tribute to our favorite alien reporter, Superman, or will you throw […]

Movies to watch this week at the cinema: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, more…

Out on Friday 18 December Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn”t the only film out. (Although your cinema listings may say otherwise.) Yes, heres this weeks new releases. Click on for our reviews of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sherpa and Sparks & Embers. For the best movie reviews, subscribe to Total Film. PrevPage 1 […]

The 20 things George Lucas changed in Star Wars

Never finished, only abandoned… Fans like to hate on the Star Wars prequels, but arguably a bigger disaster is the fate that has befallen the original trilogy over the last two decades. Clearly a fan of the idea that art is never finished, just abandoned, George Lucas has tinkered repeatedly with the movies that made […]