How to setup your Wii U

Play with power Make no mistake – Nintendo”s Wii U is a powerful machine. It”s the most internet-friendly of Nintendo”s devices, with a full digital storefront and even its own social media platform. It”s a surprisingly complex console, which is why I”ve written a guide that should help get you and your family gaming in […]

New Year”s Eve movies

You could go out and party, or you could watch one of these Looking forward to the New Years Eve festivities? Or kind of dreading the enforced fun, feeling under pressure to find someone to kiss, and resenting the inevitable hangover already? Whatever your attitude to the date, theres a film moment to match. The […]

7 incredibly festive Christmas carols (about non-festive video games)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Here”s to you Xmas music, slowly transforming our retail staff into mindless, hate-filled husks. Believe it or not, Christmas jingles like these were once viewed a valid form of entertainment. Yes, it”s true! Before being weaponised by the likes of noted war criminal Michael Buble, these chipper ditties were […]

How to setup your Xbox One

Jump in The Xbox One has made a terrific turnaround since its initial unveiling in 2013. Halo, Tomb Raider, Rare Replay, backwards compatibility, and tons of value-packed bundles make owning an Xbox One more attractive than ever. The Xbox One is a complex system, filled with way more features and options than you may realize, […]

Joy review

Top of the mops… As Steve Jobs taught us last year, biopics don’t have to be staid, predictable, cradle-to-grave dramas. Well, David O. Russell couldn’t do staid if he tried. Going into this tale of Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, on a serious (or rather seriocomic) hot streak that’s brought us The […]