Halo 5: Guardians – 10 easy updates that would make a good FPS great

Shooting star

Whilst the campaign is often overlooked, not living up to the expectations many had hoped, Halo 5s multiplayer experience is arguably the most complete of any Halo so far – further enforced by innovative additions such as Warzone and Breakout – bringing a touch of eclectic freshness to the proceedings.

Yet, even with great success, theres always room for improvement. The loyal Halo community has been vocal in its suggestions to make Halo 5 even better, and with the welcome release of the Cartographers Gift update – which brings Forge mode, and a bunch of new REQ cards and multiplayer maps – its clear 343 Industries is heeding the calls of the fans. But where next? Ive collated some of the most requested additions and alterations the community has asked for, as well as a few from our own experiences online too. After all, theres no harm in polishing a diamond.

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