7 incredibly festive Christmas carols (about non-festive video games)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Here”s to you Xmas music, slowly transforming our retail staff into mindless, hate-filled husks. Believe it or not, Christmas jingles like these were once viewed a valid form of entertainment. Yes, it”s true! Before being weaponised by the likes of noted war criminal Michael Buble, these chipper ditties were once utilised to “warm the very cockles of our hearts” – though what business a man”s genitals had in being that close to his aortic valve I”m sure I don”t know.

Today”s very special seasonal article takes a good long look at these yuletide tunes, before asking the obvious question of why? Why hasn”t anyone thought to turn these festive themes into appalling video game renditions! After all, what”s more Christmassy than games? So dust off your carolling clogs (patent pending), re-mine that chimney space and cuddle up next to somehow you don”t actively detest. It”s time for a GamesRadar Christmas sing-along!

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