The Twelve Days of Christmas, ranked

It”s the best/worst Christmas ever!

Now they”ve gone and done it. Your True Love has just monopolized nearly two weeks of your free time this holiday season, because they thought it”d be cute to turn The Twelve Days of Christmas from a timeless carol into an opulent realty. They”ve clearly had this planned for months, and it must”ve cost them a fortune, so the least you can do is play along with it. But obviously, some days of this particular Christmas are going to be better than others. There will be days when you appreciate your True Love”s thoughtfulness, and others when you”ll wish they would just buy you a gift card and be done with it.

We here at GamesRadar+ have used our collective wisdom to rank many things from best to not-so-best, including the Metal Gear, Halo, and Silent Hill series. Now we turn our attention to this classic holiday tune, considering entertainment, utility, and overall value to give you the definitive standings for the twelve days leading up to the actual day of Christmas, December 25th. Whether you”re the gifter or the giftee in this incredibly drawn-out scenario, these professional appraisals provide the perfect guide for how you”re supposed to feel on each day.

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