Unhappy holidays: The 6 most disappointing sequels to Christmas

I wish it could be Christmas every day (but it cant)

Christmas is the biggest blockbuster holiday of the year. Although unbeknownst to many – a spin-off from the relatively forgotten retro gem that is Pagan winter festivity, the franchise has since ballooned to become an absolute juggernaut in its own right. Imagine that Christmas is Fallout, and the original Pagan celebrations are Wasteland, and youre pretty much there. And as with any other major, successful, AAA release, it now has a plethora of sequels and spin-offs of its own.

Sadly, as is often the way, few of these match up. Despite a great prequel/extended tutorial in the form of American Thanksgiving, many of Christmas sequels just arent of the same calibre. They are, however, an eclectic bunch, so join me if you will, as I work through a rundown of the most disappointing yet still interesting – sequels to Christmas, ever.

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