Games that were a big deal (for, like, a day) in 2015

Feels like a lifetime ago

Every so often, months of mounting excitement for an upcoming game fizzles into complete apathy, even over the course of a single week. And with the amount of money being shoveled into the piping-hot marketing engine these days, experiencing anything less than earth-shattering euphoria on launch day can feel like a bit of a letdown. Throughout 2015, a handful of highly anticipated games from big publishers seemed like they were poised to dominate sales charts and ride the wave of positive buzz they had been building. Instead, they practically faded away moments after their grand debut. You might”ve even forgotten that they happened at all.

It”s not that these games are outright bad – they just fell way, way short of the success they were seemingly destined for, if the hype machine is to be believed. Let”s chart a course to see what went wrong for these would-be megahits, and let them serve as a lesson: sometimes it”s best to keep your expectations in check. Cautious optimism, if you will.

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