All of the Star Wars gaming knowledge lost in the new canon

Everything has changed

It is a dark time for the Star Wars franchise – well, depending on your point of view. When Disney took the reigns of the Star Wars license, the company took the massive, convoluted Star Wars universe and trimmed the fat. Everything except for the Star Wars: Clone Wars TV show and movie, Star Wars: Rebels, prequel movies, the original trilogy is no longer considered canon. The entire Expanded Universe has been hacked off, leaving only a severed stump of what came before, but, on the bright side, the future growth of the franchise is free to develop into something new.

So, much of what we knew of the Star Wars universe is no longer true. But with new Star Wars games, movies and books coming in the future, there could still be much to learn of the Force, the series” space-faring characters, and the worlds that have filled the fiction for so long. But, more importantly, events that were once set in stone are going to change. The Star Wars games in particular have established some essential plot points in the grand scheme of the galaxy far, far away. Now, we”re going to have to wait and see how these events get their official explanation in the new canon.

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