Console features no-one uses

Press shots can make anything look fun

Some six years ago, I wrote a version of this very article, lamenting the fact only really rich people had 1080p TV sets, and even they had very little to watch on them, making 1080p an “unused console feature”. Well, now look at us! 720p is starting to look visibly bitty, and you can buy an 8K TV if you really want to. Heck, my wristwatch has a higher resolution than most PSone games. Suffice to say, it might just be time to update this article. So I have.

These are the console features you sort of know are there but never actually use. Or the ones you tried once, liked and then never touched ever again. The Wii News Channel was the perfect example, with its gimmicky, spinning 3D globe, but it”s been switched off, so it”s gone. (Un)fortunately, there are plenty of new “apps” as we like to call them now, which may well suffer the same fate. Use “em or lose “em…

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